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France is among the world’s top 10 largest exporters of agricultural products.
The use of chemicals is one reason people in France are turning Bio or Organic products and produces around three-quarters of European Organic products.
France is one of the biggest Gastronomy places in the world.
The reputation of French Cuisine and Patisserie is a real passport for France.
France remains faithful to food, it is a collective affair.
The  Gourmet Food Culture also is born in France.
Food is very important in France as it brings people together, enjoying the pleasure of taste and the Art of good eating and drinking.
The food in France, first of all it is a Culture.
The French Cheese and Wine are the best marriage, as wine is considered an important part of the French meal.

The French country wines are Artisanal wines, hand made and estate – bottled with great quality from mostly family owned warehouses.
Champagne and Cognac have an important place in French culture as well,  refers mostly to celebration.
Technically in France Cognac is classified as an eau de vie de vin – a category which covers all spirits distilled from wine. Barrel maturation is an absolutely essential part of how Cognac is made.
The cuisine from each different region in France differs greatly, like Normandie and Bretagne using butter, fresh cremes and apples, Provence region uses olive oils, tomatoes and herbs, the Alps cheese dishes, while Alsace-Lorraine influenced by German food culture includes beer and choucroute (sauerkraut) in their cuisine.

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