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The Greek cuisine is famous for its good quality of products and the amazing taste of its food and wines. Food is an important part of Greek culture.
Greek don’t eat to live but live to eat,and a meal is always social, convivial occasion for companionship to broke the bread together.

There is no notion of the western “eat and run” syndrome. In Greece a lunch or dinner can last for hours, for good food, good wine and good talk.
The hors-d’oeuvres “mezedes” are the gathering plates accompanied by wine and ouzo.

Many of our products are characteristic of Greece. Fresh culinary products are widely used in cooking and constitute strong elements of the local culture.
The freshness and excellence of local products will strike you immediately. The basic elements of Greek cuisine Salt from ubiquitous sea and Olive Oil the “gold” that contains all the goodness of the sun!!!!

The emphasis on authentic raw ingredients unadulterated and grown locally, simple dishes cooked slowly seasoned with herbs and olive oil with love and imagination.
We invite you to taste our great artisanal and gourmet, local products which will delight you.
Enjoy them with us!





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