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Armenia is a Caucasian country situated in South Region of Eurasia. The country has a rich story that goes beyond the recorded history age. The country’s Food & Beverages reflect the history and the traditional elements.
Armenia’s cuisine traces its origins almost 2000 years. Armenians are known for their skillful and delicious use of Meat in their cuisine. It has influences and elements from the Mediterranean Cuisine with Eastern European.
It uses plenty of vegetables, various spices, herbs, dry fruits, fresh fruits, meat and fish.
Armenia has many famous products to export such as Fresh Pomegranate Juice, Cherry Juice as the soil and the climate are perfect to grow Pomegranate, Cherry, Apricot.
Armenian Cognac is best world known as “Ararat” brand, beloved and requested brand of W.Churchill.
Armenian Vodka as well produced from the classical production way from grapes and mulberries.
Armenia grows 6 variety of grapes for its wine. The Dry fruits are very tasty and very good quality, and Organic.
The fresh vegetables and fruits in Armenia are mostly Organic. Sour milk “matsun” is very popular with healthy benefits.
Armenia has also “Halal” food everywhere for Middle Easterners.

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