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Clay pots with mix herbs

by Pure Natura

“delicious and high quality food, great convenience”

"Ordering from Globallinone was a wonderful experience for me. The quality of the products was matched by the quality of service I received. I will keep coming back to this site over and over again.
THANK YOU for bringing me a world of superb tastes!"
Magdalena Yeşil-WICKETT
Pioneering Silicon Valley entrepreneur and investor
Writer of the "Power Up: How smart women win in the new economy"
"Premium Quality of Healthy products with affordable prices transport me around the world with just one bite! 
Try them, you won't be disappointed !!!"
Christina Jotterand
Jewelery Designer (MATAKI), New York City - USA

Our Premium Collection


by Critida

cleanthi premium extra virgin olive oil

Cleanthi Alpha-Olenic Olive Oil ® The Evolution Of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

by Cleanthi Alpha-Olenic Ltd

Premium caviar

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Pomegranate Juice with Mastic from Hios

Pomegranate juice with Mastic from Hios

Greek Caviar "Avgotaraho" - Botargo

VIP testing event to introduce in private Premium Gourmet Products

Our Vegan Food Collection

The best way to experience our wide collection of Vegan Food is to contact us.    

Discover our New traditional Dairy products: Yogurt, Rizogalo, Cream, Feta, Graviera, Ksinogalo (all without preservatives).
Drinking our strong, rich, and foamy Greek Coffee is a memorable experience.

'I love working with this team. I like their natural products...'
Web Designer

We care about the environment.

Re-usable Bags with sleeves,

50-100 microns for carrying food product. Size can be customized!

Biological-degradable bag and photic-degradable bag. Good quality, Easy opening, Water proof, Puncture resistant, Disposable & Recyclable

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