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Lentil (Dincer)

Lentil Dincer
Lentil Dincer

Lentil (Lens culinaris) is one of four species, including the genus Lens, found in the legume (Fabaceae) family. Lens culinaris is the most commonly conceived and most commonly consumed when it is called ” lentils “, although the more or less lens-shaped and edible seeds of all species found in the genus Lens are collectively referred to as ” lentils “.
Red lentil

This lentil with no crust has a higher starch content. You should cook for 8 minutes for the red cantaloupe that has the natural tastes, 10 minutes for the porridge and sausages.
Yellow lentils

This bark-free lentil has a starchy, slightly nutty taste. When cooked for more than 8 minutes it breaks down. It is very convenient to make puree.
Green mini lentil

Even if it is cooked, the form does not deteriorate. It has intense nutty taste and absorbs its flavors very well. Cooked for 30 minutes for cakes and 40 minutes for meals. Green lentils are recognized as normal lentils in our country. Cooks quickly peel shells. It is suitable for cooking and puree. it does not require abundant rainfall to grow mervimeğin, so it is easy to grow

ISO 22000:2005

in  500gr, 1kg, 2.5 kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg 

Green – Red and Yellow 

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