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Caviar info

All through history Caviar has been known as the ‘Food of Kings’, the most exquisite of food!
You don’t have to wait for an elegant event to enjoy caviar!!

This delicate food offers a world of ways to incorporate it into your dinner.
Try four styles to enjoy Caviar and then plan your experience.
Chef’s Tip: Always serve chilled!! …and Never use metal to serve !!

1- Simply taste
To savor properly, connaisseurs advise a pure taste.
Place a small amount of caviar into back of your hand and feel the temperature and shape. As your body heat naturally releases the aroma, and smell of the caviar.

2- Start Salty
Because of its strong and delicate taste caviar makes a wonderful antipasto.
Simply spread the ingredient on unsalted crackers, buttered toast or soft boiled eggs. Add fresh herbs for a festive twist.

3- Garnish, Anyone?
On prime or second course, as pair on the side of potatoes, grilled vegetables and omelets.

4- Top away
Make a main event by scooping a spoonful over each serving of polenta, pasta, smoked fish.
Just remember to balance the right salinity of the caviar with a more neutral, , buttered dish.

What to drink with Caviar?
– Chilled Vodka
– Full bodied Red wine
– Champagne
– Dry white wine

You can taste our Caviar and range of Wine and Champagne with Joy!!

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Chickpea (Dincer)
Chickpea (Dincer)

(Food Hygiene ISO 22000 and Food Safety ISO ITS 22003)

The Seeds become a Taste with Products of Gold Award winner Dincer !!

The Origin of Dincer’s seeds are coming from South East Anatolia where the soil and the climate are making the perfect union in growing those Dry Legumes.

We choose for you the more nutritious grains of all the family as:


BULGUR is a traditional Anatolian food made from buckwheat.

– It is an important and economical source of Carbohydrates
– Folic Acid and B1 very important food for children and pregnant woman
– Nervous and digestive system
– Shelf life longer than other
– Prevents constipation
– High mineral level and cellulose which prevents cancer
– Radiation resistant
– No cholesterol
– Total unsaturated fat level very low


– No crust
– Higher starch
– 8 mins cook for natural cooking
– 10 mins for porridge

Slightly nutty taste
8 mins cook for puree

– 30 mins cook for cakes
– 40 mins for meals


Beans are grown in almost every part of Turkey

– Rich protein
– minerals
– starch
– soften bowls
– increase of sexual desire , eaten regularly
– caugh cuts
– estrogen hormone particularly beneficial in the menopausal period

Enjoy the quality and taste from Turkey !

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Vegan Food

The Vegan food Movement has similar food philosophy with Cretan Diet as the common point is “Eat healthy Live Healthy”. Both diets have as target the “clean eating”..
The best and healthiest options in each of the food groups embracing food such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and healthy proteins.
Give your body the best fuel that is out there which are foods that will keep you healthy and at a healthy weight.
Say NO to processed foods, pastries and fried foods!
To eat clean is an investment in your future health that you may otherwise pay for in the long run.
We do have many choices in our healthy food products line, from France, Greece (Crete island) and Turkey (mainly dried legumes which are wonderful protein boosters).
Enjoy eating healthy and tasty with quality products!

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