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Barley Rusks with Olive Oil (recipe)

Barley Rusks with Olive Oil (Paximadia – Dacos)

dakos recipeThis is one of the most popular, classic small snacks in Crete. It is called, the “Cretan owl” named after the round rusks that, resemble the head of an owl. The recipe below is typical of the area of Rethimno. In other areas of Crete this recipe is made without feta cheese. In all cases anyway, it is important to use very fruity flavored olive oil.

4 barley rusks
8 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil
2 large ripe tomatoes, deseeded and cut in small cubes
1 cup hard feta cheese, grated Salt.

1. Moisten the rusks with cold water.
2. Drizzle the olive oil over the top and let the rusks absorb it.
3. Salt according to taste. Be especially careful if feta cheese is salty,
4. Arrange the tomato cubes on the rusks. Sprinkle with grated feta cheese and serve.

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Caviar info
france caviar

Caviar info

All through history Caviar has been known as the ‘Food of Kings’, the most exquisite of food!
You don’t have to wait for an elegant event to enjoy caviar!!

This delicate food offers a world of ways to incorporate it into your dinner.
Try four styles to enjoy Caviar and then plan your experience.
Chef’s Tip: Always serve chilled!! …and Never use metal to serve !!

1- Simply taste
To savor properly, connaisseurs advise a pure taste.
Place a small amount of caviar into back of your hand and feel the temperature and shape. As your body heat naturally releases the aroma, and smell of the caviar.

2- Start Salty
Because of its strong and delicate taste caviar makes a wonderful antipasto.
Simply spread the ingredient on unsalted crackers, buttered toast or soft boiled eggs. Add fresh herbs for a festive twist.

3- Garnish, Anyone?
On prime or second course, as pair on the side of potatoes, grilled vegetables and omelets.

4- Top away
Make a main event by scooping a spoonful over each serving of polenta, pasta, smoked fish.
Just remember to balance the right salinity of the caviar with a more neutral, , buttered dish.

What to drink with Caviar?
– Chilled Vodka
– Full bodied Red wine
– Champagne
– Dry white wine

You can taste our Caviar and range of Wine and Champagne with Joy!!

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