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Chickpea (Dincer)
Chickpea (Dincer)

(Food Hygiene ISO 22000 and Food Safety ISO ITS 22003)

The Seeds become a Taste with Products of Gold Award winner Dincer !!

The Origin of Dincer’s seeds are coming from South East Anatolia where the soil and the climate are making the perfect union in growing those Dry Legumes.

We choose for you the more nutritious grains of all the family as:


BULGUR is a traditional Anatolian food made from buckwheat.

– It is an important and economical source of Carbohydrates
– Folic Acid and B1 very important food for children and pregnant woman
– Nervous and digestive system
– Shelf life longer than other
– Prevents constipation
– High mineral level and cellulose which prevents cancer
– Radiation resistant
– No cholesterol
– Total unsaturated fat level very low


– No crust
– Higher starch
– 8 mins cook for natural cooking
– 10 mins for porridge

Slightly nutty taste
8 mins cook for puree

– 30 mins cook for cakes
– 40 mins for meals


Beans are grown in almost every part of Turkey

– Rich protein
– minerals
– starch
– soften bowls
– increase of sexual desire , eaten regularly
– caugh cuts
– estrogen hormone particularly beneficial in the menopausal period

Enjoy the quality and taste from Turkey !

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Vegan Food

The Vegan food Movement has similar food philosophy with Cretan Diet as the common point is “Eat healthy Live Healthy”. Both diets have as target the “clean eating”..
The best and healthiest options in each of the food groups embracing food such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and healthy proteins.
Give your body the best fuel that is out there which are foods that will keep you healthy and at a healthy weight.
Say NO to processed foods, pastries and fried foods!
To eat clean is an investment in your future health that you may otherwise pay for in the long run.
We do have many choices in our healthy food products line, from France, Greece (Crete island) and Turkey (mainly dried legumes which are wonderful protein boosters).
Enjoy eating healthy and tasty with quality products!

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History of Olive Tree and Olive Oil
cretan olive tree

History of Olive Tree and Olive Oil

Olive Trees are thought to have been first cultivated during the Early Bronze Age, in the third Millenium BC.
The island of Crete may well have been the most decisive landmark in the development of this culture .
It is here , where the climate is mild and the land fertile, where one of the most important civilizations in the world was developing that the olive tree found its ideal home.
In Crete the olive tree is blossomed, giving its oil plenty, revered and honored as no other tree.
According the Mythology the father of the Gods, Zeus promised the land of Attica to the god or goddess of Wisdom, won the land from Poseidon, by offering an olive tree, the symbol of welfare and peace.
This is why the city was called after the goddess and the sacred olive tree was carefully tended on the rock of the Acropolis.
However Cretan mythology says that the goddess Athena was born in Crete and gave the olive tree as a gift to her island .
Crete is the most important landmark in the history of olive tree.

Olive Oil in ANTIQUITY

Olive Oil in Antiquity was used , plain or mixed with aromatic herbs, flowers or spices, in the beauty care of body and hair .Skin diseases were treated and unguents were prepared with olive oil.
It was used also in cooking , in lightening houses and temples, in offering to the Gods and dead, as prizes in contests as Olympic games

The BENEFITS of Olive Oil

>> -decrease of blood cholesterol
>> – makes the skin and the hair very healthy and smooth
>> – healthy strong bones
>> – low blood sugar
>> – very good function of stomach and bowels
>> * therapy of heart diseases
>> * anti cancer of prostate gland
>> * children and athletes diet for good condition of health and endurance
>> * anticancer for women breast
>> eldest persons diet

As the father of Medicine Hippocrate said “the Olive Oil is gold “

The collection of the fruits (olives), are cold pressed , immediately after they pick from the tree WITHOUT HITTING the olives , protected from the sun shine , this is the first step of obtaining LOW ACIDITY..
One of the most important factor that is harming the quality of olive oil is the presence of OXYGEN! !
With the help of AZOT in the mulding procedure while pressing the olives the oxygen is relieved from the container so we have in the conclusion an olive oil of oxygen FREE! Which is the best for the quality as that means less oxidity!

Our olive oil is OXYGEN FREE!

Our Goal is to make every olive oil lover and consumer likewise wine lover and consumer! !! What that means? That means in several years in every gourmet restaurant or non gourmet restaurant the customer will ask his OWN olive oil like a Cabernet Sauvignon! !! Or an Australian red! !!
They will taste the oil like wine in a glass !! And they will CHOOSE their oil to put in the salad! !!
This can happen after many years of work in cooperation with famous Executive Chefs and Marketing pioneers

We GUARANTEE ALWAYS THE SAME QUALITY! ! Our consistency is our landmark! !!

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Cretan diet consists mainly of vegetarian products such as cereals, vegetables, fruit, olive oil and Cretan herbs.
Olives, olive oil and herbs play an important part in the resistance of a Cretan diet constitution.
The consumption of olive oil is a distinctive attribute of the Cretan diet.

For centuries olive oil has been curing both body and soul and is an indispensable element of the daily diet.
Oil is generously poured on all casserole food, meat dishes and pastries.
Raw it is used for salad dressings and rusks breads soaked in.
Bread, olive oil and coarse salt, or olive oil, cinnamon and sugar is a beloved snack of Cretan diet.
One of the biggest characteristic of Cretan diet along with Olive Oil is Cretan Herbs.
with therapeutic attributes, if consumed daily, promote health and long life.
The ancient Greeks had recorded more than 1000 plants.


1- High ratio of monounsaturates (olive oil) over saturated lipids (butter, lard)
2- Moderate consumption of alcohol (1-2 classes of red wine /day)
3- High consumption of greens/vegetables
4- High consumption of cereals (including whole grain bread)
5- High consumption of fruits
6- High consumption of Herbs
7- Low consumption of meat and related products
8- Low consumption of milk and dairy products

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  • GAMME NATURE EAU DE COLOGNE 125ml (4.25 fl oz), 70%vol alcohol


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Pure Natura


Our Greek products, with a wide range such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Olives, Honey, Cretan Herbs and Spices, old time sweets, botanical teas, Organic tea various flavors of rare beneficial relaxing, slimming, well being and stimulating tastes, pure Handmade Olive Oil soaps and Cosmetics from recipes that have passed from generation to generation for the famous Minoan Beauty only with Natural products. Many more, and all under the brand PURE NATURA, being the ambassadors of the Cretan gastronomic tradition, which are focused on Cretan diet, and aspires to create a New Philosophy of Nutrition.

One of Pure Natura’s services is ‘Branding’ of its products.
You can choose your favorite products and put your brand on it, especially Branding of Olive Oil and its products.

At the same time the multipurpose Gift Boxes in top quality paper boxes, hand crafted cutlery and baskets and wooden packaging are giving an attractive alternative to our customers for company gifts as well.

Pure Natura has created a modern production unit with all the requirements and certifications where a wide range traditional products are packaged.
Pure Natura products are created with RESPECT TO THE NATURE and LOVE to satisfy and tangle feelings and memories.



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